PROCE Institute is a competence center. We have developed the 4Dimensions and 12Box Model business analysis frameworks.


Experience and research show that the majority of all business transformations fails. The failure ratio varies from 50% to 90% depending on industry and type of transformation. Even though there has been invested heavily in training for decades the success rate has not improved.

There has been written 100.000s of books on business strategy, project management and change management. However, all these books is like one big jigsaw puzzle, where none of the pieces fit together. There is a need for a common denominator that aggregates all the models and methods into a common paradigm that lets the models cooperate and deliver synergy. The 12Box Model is this common denominator. The 12Box Model is an extract of the 4Dimensions Framework.

PROCE Institute has developed an organizational competence development journey. You can start simple by learning the 12 Themes (or just some of them) and then you can can add on more features as you get familiar with the mindset and instruments in the frameworks.

PROCE Institute provides a user community with online training. Classroom training on is also available through our partner structure. 

The 12Box Model provides a coherent understanding of the business dynamics from management to staff and across the organization. The 12Box Model provides unprecedented analytical power to the business transformation organization – far beyond any other model.

Using you the 12Box Model you will see transformation success rate increase, training costs drop and transformation speed accelerate.

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